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Who Are We ?

Based in Ottawa, Canada, Possibilitis Inc. is a leading Business Intelligence Consulting company. We are a team of SAP certified experts, ready to help you to organize and integrate your business information. Together, we will show you how to simplify your business data to make it make more sense.

Our services will help you to optimize your processes and enable you to react quickly to meet market opportunity which will enhance your competitivity.

What do we do?

We specialize in building data warehouse, developing and delivering reporting analysis solutions which facilitate usability and solution user adoption.

We provide both online and onsite ERP training, one-on-one remote training as well as corporation-based training.

Do you find time-consuming and challenging to find and hire the right candidate for your important project? You are at the right place. Possibilitis Inc. staffing service has helped hundreds of small, medium, large companies to fulfil their recruitment needs.

Overwhelmed by the challenge of finding the right job? We’ve been there, and we know how to help. Focus on development of your technical skills while we worry about your next challenging mandate.

Why choose Us ?

Certified & experienced professionals.

Possibilitis Inc. simply means high quality service. All our consultants must be certified. At Possibilitis Inc. we aren’t just another consulting company. With our clients, we are partners. We know very well that our business growth lies on the success of your project. To secure your next project will we not only meet, but exceed, your expectations.

Learning from the experts

You want to become an expert, learn from the experts. Our training is led by certified consultants, hands-on based, and certification oriented. Not only do we prepare you so that you successful pass your certification, but also we challenge you with real-world projects in your assignments; which prepare you for next mandate at your employer. After the class, you’re given and-course projects which include all the phases of an ERP assignment work project.

Our recruitment process is different

Unlike many recruitment agencies, we don’t just send you the first candidate to show up. We send you the best. Our recruitment service is a two-step interview process. We conduct a technical interview by experts certified consultants, followed by a behavior and situational. This ensures that the candidate sent you have the required technical knowledge and skills start working on your project on day one.

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